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Our Meetings are held at least six times a year.  For copies of meeting minutes, please contact the BCCSC president and she will forward them to you.

The Bearded Collie Club of Southern California Club’s primary purpose is to serve as a resource for all Bearded Collie enthusiasts.  We are here to promote the health and general welfare of the breed and to offer educational and recreational opportunities.  Our club’s members participate in a variety of activities including conformation, herding, agility, obedience and rally, and therapy dog work.  We invite you to learn more about our club, our activities and our Beardies!
         The Bearded Collie Club of Southern California Welcomes You!
Bearded Collie Club 
of Southern California
Club Information

The BCCSC is affiliated with the American Kennel Club and the Bearded Collie Club Of America


Club History

    In 1969, the first Bearded Collie arrived in California, imported from England by Jean Richland.  Out of this love the BCCSC was born.  Founded on January 12, 1997, the Bearded Collie Club of Southern California’s founders included Jean and Irwin Richland, Paul and Carol Scott, Sandy and Jim Ellington, Kathleen and Paul Flannigan, Lisa Kampff, Charlene and Jim Boyd.  Within the first year, the club began to hold Fun Matches, Herding and Agility events, and club fun days which would later become our “Beardie Bounces”.  By October 2002, the club became an official AKC licensed Specialty Club for Conformation, Obedience and Herding.  On July 3, 2003, the BCCSC held its first AKC Licensed Independent Specialty Show and Obedience Trial in Ventura’s Seaside Park.

    The tradition continues with our club’s “Commotion at the Ocean” Regional Specialty each year in July. In addition, the club organizes a variety of events focused on the many  interests of our members including herding and agility events, Canine Good Citizen testing, Beardie health and grooming clinics, and, of course “Beardie Bounces”- just to let us all be a little silly with our wonderful Beardies.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Bearded Collie Club of Southern California, please see our Membership information or contact any of our Club Officers. We are anxious to have you join in our fun with our Bearded Collies. 

BCCSC Past Presidents


1997   Kathleen Flannigan


1998   Kathleen Flannigan


1999    John Degele


2000    John Degele


2001    Bob Lapham


2002    Bob Lapham


2003    Roger Hull  (year of the first independent specialty)


2004    Jean Richland


2005    Jean Richland


2006    Jane Mazer


2007    Celia Sawyer


2008    Noli Caswell


2009    Noli Caswell


2010    Celia Sawyer


2011    Celia Sawyer


2012    Celia Sawyer


2013    Susann Brody


2014    Susann Brody

2015    Susan Brody

2016    Sandy Dubin

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